Lexi Thurston – Birth Tribe

Name: Lexi Thurston
Location: Ringwood
Services: Birth and Postnatal Doula, Babywearing Peer Supporter, One-to-One Antenatal preparation
A bit about me: Most important things first – I love coffee, although I mostly stick to decaf. I try to eat healthily, but seriously, who can refuse a bit of chocolate?! I love animals, and my current pet of choice is a cat (she’s called Sophie, she’s adorable) – she was a stray who wandered into my life and chose me. Much like my calling.

Having a baby is one of the most incredible yet natural things a woman can do. I think it’s important that women have access to the support, understanding and guidance they deserve in this remarkable journey. Your body was MADE to birth – but a tribe of positive support during your journey helps to ease your travels.

This is why I named my offerings Birth Tribe. Women can do amazing things. Our bodies are designed to create miracles. Our role is not an easy one – but it is much easier when surrounded with support and encouragement. My big WHY is to empower as many families as I possibly can to have a positive birth experience. This is not about shying away from cesareans or demonising pain relief. Whilst I passionately support natural birth, what is most important is that you feel happy, supported and empowered. This is about supporting you to become fully informed about your choices, feel clear about your desires for your birth, and creating a collaborative action plan. As a Doula I am an integral part of your Birth Tribe, working with your midwives, doctors and family to support YOU!

I am passionate about being an advocate for women; educating and supporting them in their choices during their pregnancy and birth, and respecting their needs and desires for their birth experience.

I believe in women, I believe in being informed, making choices, and having respect for those choices in turn. I believe in the possibility of taking the fear out of childbirth. Birth is a life changing experience and I am passionate about helping women and their families make that experience as positive as possible.

I offer antenatal support, individual birth preparation sessions, birth and postnatal Doula support and will be offering group classes once I have completed my antenatal educator qualification. Please take a look at my website for further information or contact me for an informal chat.

Lexi Thurston – Birth Tribe
Waterloo Way
Ringwood Hampshire United Kingdom