Zelle Baggaley

Name: Zelle Baggaley
Location: Dorchester
Services: Mentored Birth Doula, Mentored Postnatal Doula, Belly Casting, Birth Photography
A bit about me: My name’s Zelle and I’m a trained birth companion and family help, both during labour and the time right afterwards.

My role as a doula is purely to offer emotional and physical support in pregnancy and childbirth; my goal is to help you make your birth story a happy one.

I’m a very warm and cheerful person by nature, balanced with being able to keep a clear mind under pressure. I’m discreet, reliable and compassionate. I see myself as a facilitator of your comfort; I’m there to make your experience better.

When I’m not helping people through birth experiences or helping families welcome new members, I enjoy running and knitting. I live with my husband and my two lovely boys in central Dorchester, and I’m currently studying for a counselling qualification in order to serve people better. I got into the world of the doula after supporting a few friends through their forays into parenthood, and became the person they’d turn to for help in the small hours. I found the concept of ‘Mothering the mother’ really fulfilling and empowering.

I am proud to be a member of Doula UK and Doulas Without Borders. I am also paediatric first aid trained. I’m a Mentored Doula, which means that as I am building on my experiences, I have the guidance of a more experienced Doula – so in hiring me, you’re getting access to their experience too. It also means I work at a reduced rate.

The day you give birth is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. I want you to have the most comfortable, informed and empowered birth experience you can; my job is to help you do you.

Website: www.zellethedoula.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07475 689519
Facebook: Zelle The Doula
Instagram: @Zellethedoula

Zelle Baggaley
24 Eddison Avenue
Dorchester DT1 1NY
United Kingdom