Carla Walsh

Name: Carla Walsh
Location: Shaftesbury, Dorset
Services: Birth/Postnatal Doula
A bit about me: I have 2 adult children – and giving birth to them was the best things I feel I ever achieved. I now have a grandchild, at whose birth I was honoured to be ‘Doula’. Once I discovered the world of Doulas, and their empowerment of women, I felt passionately that this was where I belonged.

I took a complete career change, with my husband’s whole hearted support, and I have regretted nothing. As a Doula I will support, inform and care for women, and their partners if relevant, through the most life changing, world spinning and joyous experience of their lives. Women are strong but they need to recognised for their strength and respected for their decisions.

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: DoulaCarla
Instagram: Doula_Carla

Carla Walsh
45a Bell Street
Shaftesbury SP7 8AE
United Kingdom