Carla Walsh

Name: Carla Walsh
Location: Shaftesbury, Dorset
Services: Birth/Postnatal Doula
A bit about me: I have 2 adult children, and I am so proud to have birthed them, but they were 2 pretty negative birthing experiences (it was a long time ago) and it has created a drive in me to make sure that people know that they have choice in all birthing situations.

I also have a grandchild, at whose birth I was honoured to be ‘Doula’ although I didn’t know what that meant at the time, and this led me to the belief that support and information is everything. Once I discovered the world of Doulas, and their empowerment of women and all birthing people, I felt passionately that this was where I belonged.

I took a complete career change and haven’t looked back!  As a birth and postnatal Doula I support, inform and care for those who are about to birth or those that already have done, and if they have partners then I can give them the practical and informed skills to be the best birthing or postnatal support partner!

I am also trained as an Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner and I just love how it’s made such a difference to my clients and their experience of birth.

All people need is support and confidence; skills and beliefs; all alongside respect and space; to enable them to have the birthing experience they want.  And all birthing experiences can be positive no matter how you choose for your baby to arrive, and whatever your reasons.  I will help you as a Doula, by giving you all the information to enable you to decide what you feel is right, before, during or after the birth of your most precious gift.

As a new parent you need the same things – it may initially seem a scary responsibility but, as in birth,  with good support and having the space to be heard, you will very soon be able to gain confidence and trust in your own instincts.

It is my passion that birthing people and new parents understand the fact that all decisions are theirs to make, all they need is the information and evidence to make them.  And to make sure they feel confident and strong enough to know that they have the power to decide on anything and everything to do with pregnancy, birth and the 4th trimester.

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Carla Walsh
45a Bell Street
Shaftesbury SP7 8AE
United Kingdom