Please find below links to websites or details of organisations that we feel are helpful for families welcoming a new baby. Click on the titles to visit the websites.

Birthing 4 Blokes

There’s a wealth of information out there for expectant mothers on pregnancy and birth, but so often the father has been left out of the conversation, BUT that has now changed. Male midwife Mark Harris has filled that vacuum, drawing on his decades of experience working with couples as they make the transition to being new parents.

If you have been wondering what to do now she is pregnant, or how you will prepare yourself to be as supportive as you can be while she is giving birth, this program will equip to be the very best you can be.

You, together with Mark, will explore how to harness the power of birthing hormones, how to remain calm and aware in the birthing room, how to communicate effectively, and ultimately how to live the process of becoming a father to the full.

The Birthing 4 Blokes online program is accessible to fathers-to-be everywhere!


AIMS is the Association for the Improvement of Maternity Services. They campaign for normal birth, provide independent support and information about maternity choices, raise awareness of current research on childbirth and related issues, and protect women’s human rights in childbirth.

On their website you can find a range of researched articles, providing you with information about your choices and rights during your maternity care. They also have a shop where you can purchase books and e-books on key topics such as Induction and Breech Birth.

Which? Birth Choice

Which? is renowned for reviews and expert advice on a variety of products and services. This site is dedicated to all things birth. You can view statistics on your local hospitals, find advice on different birth options, interventions and breastfeeding, and compare your maternity options. You can even download some different templates to help you write your birth plan. We highly recommend spending an evening with your feet up and a cup of tea having a look around.

Families And Babies – F.A.B

F.A.B is a charity supporting mums and families antenatally and postnatally, also providing a wealth of information on infant feeding and running local breastfeeding support groups across Dorset. You can find a list of their groups here: Breastfeeding Groups Dorset


Babycentre is a UK relevant resource for pregnancy and parenting. A wealth of information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, what to pack in your hospital bag along with information for Dads. You can also chat to other mums at the same stage of pregnancy with you in their Birth Clubs.


Bliss is the UK charity working to provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families. Providing support and resources to families of premature and sick babies, they help guide families through their journey, holding their hand all the way.