Bernadett Kasza – Science of Birth

I became a birth professional before having my own family, as I have always had an extraordinarily strong calling to work and support women and families on their parenting journey!

I offer a wide range of support services which can be mixed, matched, shaken, stirred and be perfectly tailored to fit your unique individuality!

I would love to meet you for an informal, relaxed chat and a cuppa to see how I can help you and your family during this amazing journey!

Katie Potter

I am a Birth and Postnatal Doula, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and offer Belly Casting. My belief is that this time in someone’s life can and should be empowering.

Angela Voisey

My job as a doula is to help empower a mother and family through one of the most life changing moments of their lives. I can provide you with balanced information to enable you to make informed decisions along your journey from birth options, physiology of birth, infant feeding, pain management and anything else you may wish to discuss or have concerns about.

Rosa Davies – Labour of Love

Giving birth is a major rite of passage, an experience you will always remember. My aim is to help you have a positive experience of pregnancy and birth and ease your journey into parenthood; to help women and their partners feel empowered and approach birth and parenting with confidence and the trust that you know what is right for you and your family.

Melanie Keddie – Birth Journey

I am an antenatal teacher, breastfeeding peer supporter and I’m training to be a Birth Doula. I run Birth ROCKS Bournemouth, monthly childbirth preparation courses that are tailored to my clients. I decided to become a Doula and childbirth educator because I believe that there is nothing more rewarding than supporting women through the most important journey of their life and helping to make their experience the absolute best that it can be.

Clare Cameron – Clarity Doula

I am the mother of 3 lovely children. I became a birth doula because of my desire to help women to create more positive birth stories for themselves, their partners and their new babies. In my role as postnatal doula I want to help families have the best possible start in their journey together by facilitating the transition and challenges that accompany a newborn.

Liz Keep

I’m Liz – A Post Natal Doula (specialising in twins and triplets) and Breastfeeding Peer Supporter. I am also a Qualified Nursery Nurse, Experienced Nanny, and am Paediatric First Aid Trained. I provide new parents with gentle reassurance, practical and nurturing support, ideas and suggestions with sleeping and feeding patterns, newborn development and expectations and establishing successful routines.

Clem French

I believe my job is to encourage you to know your own strength and capability, that which is there in all of us. As a doula, I simply arm you with all the information so you can make educated informed choices, feel heard and supported, and never judged. Ultimately, I love creating a calm, safe space for women to be free to be who they truly are – amazing and perfectly designed to give birth!

Carla Walsh

Once I discovered the world of Doulas, and their empowerment of women, I felt passionately that this was where I belonged. Women are strong but they need to recognised for their strength and respected for their decisions.

Leila de la Mare

I’m a Doula UK registered Birth Doula. My role as a doula is to be your support, a listening ear, your spokesperson and basically your rock throughout your birth experience…empowering women – one birth at a time.

Lexi Thurston – Birth Tribe

I am a Birth and Postnatal Doula, Babywearing Peer Supporter and also provide One-to-One Antenatal preparation sessions. Birth is a life changing experience and I am passionate about helping women and their families make that experience as positive as possible.
Each mother, family, pregnancy, birth and baby are different; and we all make difference choices throughout our journey. These choices are individual to each of use, but these “differences” are what make up our tribe and our community
– and we are beautiful.

Zelle Baggaley

I’m a trained birth companion and family help, both during labour and the time right afterwards.

My role as a doula is purely to offer emotional and physical support in pregnancy and childbirth; my goal is to help you make your birth story a happy one.

I’m a very warm and cheerful person by nature, balanced with being able to keep a clear mind under pressure.

Lucy Parker

I am a postnatal Doula, Professional Counsellor and provide parenting support. I support parents, without criticism or judgement and allow them the time and space to explore their feelings in a safe space. I do not offer advice or tell you what you should be doing I simply work with you by offering support and information so that you can find out what works best for your family.

Aquila Dunford Wood

I had a doula for my journey into motherhood and the role was integral to my wonderful experience.
Since then I have read and studied and doula-d for many women. The majority have been in the role of postnatal doula, but also running ceremonies for expectant mothers.

Anne Easterbrooke

It is my mission to support you with preparation and support to achieve a calm, comfortable and wonderful birth. Whether or not you chooses to hypnobirth, I am able to create a calm, loving and reassuring environment for a you to feel confident and safe during your labour.

Sarah Sayer – Early Days Doula

I’m just an ordinary mum who wants to support other women and families and help them to have the best birth and postnatal experience they can. I have supported many different families, some twice, on their own personal journeys. For me a big part of my role is in the preparation, building up a relationship of trust, providing knowledge and information and supporting my clients decisions and wishes.