Lucy Parker

Name: Lucy Parker
Location: Bournemouth
Services: Postnatal Doula, Professional Counselling, Parent Support
A bit about me: After the birth of my first child 10 years ago, my life changed forever. I had a traumatic birth, struggled with breastfeeding and parenting was harder than I could have ever imagined!

Hours were spent ‘googling’, pouring over books, articles, blogs and research papers in an attempt to work out what I was doing wrong.

I was diagnosed with postnatal depression and started treatment. As it turns out, I wasn’t doing anything wrong; through my studies and research I discovered that there is a massive lack of understanding of normal biological behaviour in infants and children and I discovered that most modern day parenting practises make life harder for both parent and child. This discovery motivated me to go on and spend the following four years training to become a counsellor myself.

Having qualified as a counsellor, I wanted to see how I could use my skills to help parents navigate their way through parenthood and enjoy it! Knowing that the early days are often the most challenging I decided to train as a Postnatal Doula with Red Tent Doulas in London in 2014.

I have now combined my training and experience to share information and support parents so that they are able to make informed decisions on how to raise their children and create a happy family. This is achieved by helping parents to explore their own feelings around childhood and parenting, so that they can adjust and grow into loving, responsive parents.

I support parents, without criticism or judgement and allow them the time and space to explore their feelings in a safe space. I do not offer advice or tell you what you should be doing I simply work with you by offering support and information so that you can find out what works best for your family.

Here are just a few examples of the reasons people ask for support:

– Being a mum (or dad) just doesn’t feel how they imagined.

– They suspect they have Post-natal depression or anxiety.

– They have experienced a traumatic birth. (This applies to dads too!).

– Their baby is crying frequently or for long periods for no obvious reason.

– Their baby is struggling with sleep and they are exhausted.

– They want information to help understand normal biological needs and the way the brain functions in childhood so that they know of different ways to respond.

– They have a child who is experiencing sensory, eating or behavioural issues and need support and information

– They have a child that is struggling at school or in social situations.

Every family is unique so if you want to know if I can help with your individual situation just ask.

I’m not here with any wild promises to fix all your problems and turn you into perfect parents. What I can offer is the skills, resources, time and space to help you work out what is best for your individual circumstances and what works best for you and your family.

The packages of support I offer start at just £99. You can choose from the Fourth Trimester Workshop or the SOS crisis package, right through to a 26 weekly support package so whatever your needs are I can tailor make a package of support that is as individual as you and your family.

Telephone: 07886 800348

Lucy Parker
Asham Road
Bournemouth Dorset United Kingdom